Think my anxiety is causing physical aches and pains

Posted on: Tue, 08/13/2019 - 2:15pm
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I have had anxiety for years but I never experienced any physical aches and pains, that is, until recently. I'm writing about this today because as I sit here I am feeling really achy. This never used to be the case in the past.

I have been doing research about it and it seems that anxiety can cause physical aches and pains. I never knew this! No doctor ever told me this. It's a really uncomfortable feeling and has been adding to my anxiety. I think that when I'm already in an anxious state any little thing can add to it and make my anxiety much worse. Suddenly having random aches and pains made my anxiety a lot worse so I started to Google "does anxiety cause aches and pains" and there it all was, everything that I needed to read in order to help calm me down a bit. I know that it sounds silly but just knowing what could be causing these aches and pains made me feel slightly better.

Has anyone ever experienced aches and pains from their anxiety before?

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