Anxiety palpitations may be felt accompanying emotions such as excitement, stress, anxiety or

There are side effects to anxiety that we all experience, I call them the aftermath of a

Post-traumatic stress disorder and depression are two different psychological problems, but they

Uncontrollable shaking can happen when your arms, hands, legs and even your entire body may feel

Psychological problems associated with nausea and vomiting include anxiety nausea. Nausea

Controlling stress and anxiety could lead to a reduction in the number of hot or cold flashes.

Feelings of anxiety and stress cause a number of physical and chemical changes in the body,

The first step in managing anxiety stomach pain is determining the nature, and causes of your

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Sometimes emotional distress, such as anxiety, can lead to difficulty swallowing or the fear of

While both men and women can experience

Stress and anxiety are largely a result of mental or emotional distress, causing feelings such

By definition, social anxiety disorder (SAD) is an overwhelming physical and mental response to

The terms anxiety and stress are often used interchangeably, and it is true that they are

If you're suffering from anxiety, one of the first things you should do is see a doctor to make