Anxiety can come in different forms. This page contains information about the various types of anxiety and stress, including identifying, managing, and coping with their symptoms. LivingWithAnxiety.com strives to provide helpful information about the different forms of anxiety and how you can address them. Learn how to identify the types of anxiety, from exam jitters to mid-life crises, and be better equipped in dealing with them.

If you struggle with exam anxiety, you’re not alone. Test-taking can be one of the anxiety

Agoraphobia is a disorder that develops when a person begins to avoid situations associated with

According to Oliver Robinson and colleagues at the University of Greenwich in London, young

The terms stress and anxiety are used interchangeably by many people, and everyone will

What is an Anxiety Disorder? An “anxiety disorder” is an umbrella term that refers to a number

When experiencing signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder, as listed below, it is important to