Nip Your Anxiety In The Morning Bud: A Few Suggestions

All of the little things we do to help ourselves gradually allow us to feel and do better.

If you are prone to anxiety, be attentive to how you begin each day. What do you do or think before throwing off the covers and planting your feet on the floor? If you are feeding your anxiety before relieving yourself in the bathroom, it is time to make a change.

When first waking-up, we are more in touch with our unconscious mind than at any other time during a busy day. So, your first thoughts and actions are planted like seeds that can sprout in a few minutes or hours.

Start Your Day In a Pleasant Way

Stretching is not an instant cure for anxiety but does help relieve its intensity. There are simple stretches you can do to help you relax while still in the comfort of your bed. If you have a hard time getting moving in the morning, these stretches are a gentle way to wake your mind and body. Instead of explaining the stretches, here is a three-minute video to get you started: Morning Yoga in Bed.

Keep a book of poetry or inspirational writings next to your bed, and start the day by reading one or more offerings. This is especially helpful to people whose mind wakes up quickly after opening the eyes. Reading will help you reel in your thoughts before they gallop off to the day’s agenda or any challenges you need to face.

The poetry anthologies put together by Garrison Keillor (the Good Poems series) are full of short to medium-sized accessible poems that are suitable for morning reading. Or choose a book of inspirational thoughts that reflect your spiritual interests; whatever floats your early morning boat.
If you like keeping a journal, consider writing in it before getting out of bed. It will focus your mind, or help your mind wake up.

You might choose to write the types of entries that are known to soothe anxiety. For instance, write down what you are grateful for, positive thought or affirmation for the day, or your favorite moment from the day before (i.e., a good cup of coffee, the sun coming through the window). You might also write down how you wish to feel that day.

If you enjoy keeping your morning routine simple, make your first thought something like, “I wonder what amazing, wonderful, lovely, or funny thing will happen today.” Then smile and take that thought with you into the shower, or whatever you do after rising. It surely beats thinking about a pile of work that needs to be done.

You cannot control everything that goes on in your life, but you can choose how you think. People who get in the habit of starting their day this way frequently report amazing and lovely things to come their way more often. It’s worth a try.

Take 30 seconds or more to picture in your mind something beautiful, pleasant, funny, or astounding, or keep a book of amazing photographs or artwork by your bed and look at any of them. Just appreciate what you see. Beauty is powerful, and to enjoy its power we only need to look and be thankful.

Photo: Pexels

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