How To Deal With Driving Anxiety

Getting around town during peak traffic hours can bring stress to even the most relaxed of us, but what if just getting in your car is enough to cause an anxiety attack? Driving anxiety can be incredibly debilitating and can wreak havoc on your life. Get a grip on controlling anxiety related to driving to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Take the Scenic Route
If weaving in between cars is what really gives you anxiety symptoms, try taking the back roads or a scenic route. Usually, you can find a less populated route to your destination, and having a nice view while making your morning commute will help you reduce your anxiety and de-stress before the workday.

Plan Ahead
When worried about being late, we often drive fast and reckless and then wonder why we’re so anxious! Plan ahead with how much time you’re going to need to get to your destination, and then some. When you leave early enough to have some cushion time, you can relax and take a peaceful drive to your destination.

If you feel better when someone else is the driver, try carpooling. If someone you know is heading in the same direction as you or needs to run an errand by your gym, hitch a ride. If your anxiety seems to go away while riding in the passenger seat, throw them a few bucks for gas and make it a regular routine.

Photo: Pexels

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