3 Tips To Overcome Flight Anxiety

Getting on an airplane can cause an anxiety attack even for the most seasoned flier. Whether it’s a fear of heights, the feeling of the unknown, or any other common concern regarding flying, using these cognitive coping mechanisms will help you overcome your fear of flying and conquer your anxiety disorder.

1. Identify Your Fears

Is it claustrophobia that gives you flight anxiety, or is giving up control the real concern? Identifying the actual stressor will allow you to conquer that particular problem, not just in the air but in all areas of life.

2. Do the Research

Whether it's a lack of information regarding airplanes, a concern about arriving at the airport on time, or the fear felt from being 30,000 feet in the air, learn more about what’s causing your worries to reduce your anxiety. Feeling fully prepared and knowledgeable is a great way to ease your mind.

3. Relax and Distract

Once you’re in the air, try a deep-breathing relaxation technique. Most flights allow the use of electronics once you’re in the air; bring a laptop or other electronic device to watch a movie or listen to music during your flight. You can also read a book or take a nap to pass the time.

Photo: Pixabay

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