Exercise Can Help Heal Heartbreak Anxiety

Getting over a great love can be devastating, but while you’re coping, life goes on. While controlling anxiety during the grieving process can be done, it can also be difficult due to the various intense emotional feelings floating around. When all you want is quick relief and a nice distraction, there are some easy and practical steps to take that when used properly, can help reduce your anxiety and get you back on your feet.

To Reduce Mental Anxiety

Sitting up comfortably in your chair, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths in your nose and out your mouth. Try not to rush these breaths; everything about your breathing should be controlled. Visualize a positive place, a time in your life when you felt at peace, relaxed, and happy. Use a memory that does not contain your estranged partner and one that you can easily imagine with all the senses. If thinking of a non-related memory to your loved one proves difficult, chose the serene image of you walking on a white sand beach, the waves rolling in next to you. Stay in this visualization for at least 10 minutes; let your mind wander into the scene. Continue to breathe comfortably and regularly as you do the exercise.

To Reduce Physical Anxiety

Use this anxiety yoga technique to relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety that you may be feeling over your heartbreak. Close your right nostril with your finger, inhaling deeply through the left nostril for five seconds. Remove your finger from your right nostril and place a finger on the left nostril at the same time, exhaling through your right nostril for another five seconds. While holding this position, inhale through your right nostril for five seconds, then switch your fingers and exhale through your left for another five. Continue this process of closing one nostril and breathing through the other at least 6-10 times.

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