Gift Ideas For People With Anxiety

Need a gift for that special anxious person in your life? Here are enough ideas to cover the 12 days of Christmas (or 12 birthdays).

Although the temptation was great to list humorous items, the ideas below are things an anxious person will appreciate, use, and enjoy, hopefully.

The Twelve Days of Christmas, for those who don’t know, are 12 festival days that start on December 25. This 12-day slice of time is called Twelvetide or Christmastide. The 12th night is the evening of January 5. Some Christian traditions give gifts on the 12th night, while others do so on each of the 12 nights.

Gift Ideas for Anxious People

Massage or spa day gift certificate
This is not the best idea for someone with severe social anxiety unless the gift certificate allows a friend to go along.

Fidget stones
They come in different shapes and sizes, though classic fidget stones are made from black obsidian. Someone who is usually fidgeting or restless might like receiving these. The silky smooth texture is soothing. This is a good stocking stuffer.

Palm-sized massage balls
Massage balls are squishy balls with bumps or soft spikes that stimulate acupressure points in the hand as you give the ball a squeeze; another stocking stuffer.

A pillow filled with calming herbals
This could be a throw pillow for the couch or a favorite chair, or a pillow to use during the night. They are usually filled with calming herbs such as lavender. Perfect for the anxious person who has trouble unwinding or sleeping.

Aromatherapy diffuser
Aromatherapy helps many people relax and refresh. An electronic diffuser is convenient to use, and if you include a bottle of lavender oil, they will be all set to start enjoying aromatherapy benefits. Some diffusers also produce sounds from nature, like ocean waves or rain.

Look for CDs with calming music, a guided meditation, or music with nature sounds.
DVDs. Depending on the person, you could choose a DVD of aerobic exercise or one with relaxation yoga. There are DVDs that play tranquil music to scenes from nature. Or, choose a funny movie.

A blank journal is good for those who enjoy writing, but there are other types of journals available, too. Some of them prompt people to write lists about themselves such as a list of favorite songs. Others are filled with questions for the journal writer to answer. An artist would appreciate a sketch journal.

Book of quotes
A book of funny, encouraging, or inspiring quotes is suitable. Some quote books have gorgeous artwork or photography as well. A feast for the eyes and mind.

Body pillow
There are different sizes and types, but the large, long pillows that people wrap themselves around while sleeping might be just what someone needs to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Laugh box
A box that you can open any time you need to lighten up. Upon raising the lid you hear digital laughter that is usually contagious or at least triggers a smile.

Acupressure sandals or slippers
You can feel yourself relax when you walk in sandals or slippers with acupressure nubs that massage the sole. With this gift, a person can walk off some anxiety.

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