Perceived Absence of Parental Love Can Lead to Adult Anxiety

If children perceive that their parents don't show them love, are they at risk for experiencing anxiety later in life? That's what the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy wanted to find out.

The Institute took 100 clients at random who had previously undergone hypnotherapy for anxiety related to agoraphobia or social phobia between 2007 and 2010. The participants had experienced a variety of anxiety symptoms, such as panic attacks, fear of traveling or driving, fear of public speaking and other related fears.

Findings and Implications

Their findings indicate that 8 percent of those clients "perceived that parental love had been missing, or withdrawn, before the age of 13."

According to Paul Howard, an anxiety specialist at the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, the results have quite important ramifications on parents. It shows how important it is for the development of their children to show their feelings of love for their children in a demonstrable way.

Interestingly, their report notes that the problem is especially associated with single parents whose child is of the opposite sex. "Our analysis shows the important role that love plays in the development of our children and, more importantly, how the lack of it can have serious ramifications in later life," Howard said.

Source: PRWeb
Photo: Pixabay

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