How To Cope With Anxiety at Work

Sometimes an anxiety attack can strike in a less than a comfortable place, such as the office. When dealing with stress and anxiety while at work, extra care needs to be taken. Whether the source of your worries stems from work-related issues or if it’s completely unrelated, getting rid of your anxiety will not only ease your mind but also make your workday more productive.

Plan Ahead

If you’ve been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder or are prone to panic attacks, prepare for these occurrences before you go into work. Load your iPod with relaxing music or guided meditations to listen to when you feel your worry piling on. Pack your lunch the night before so during your break hour you can get outside for a picnic; being in nature can reduce stress and bring you a sense of calm.

Make a Call

If speaking with your co-workers about your anxiety is inappropriate, call a loved one for a quick chat. Speaking with someone who can help raise your mood during a rough day can make a world of difference.

Use Your Healthcare

If the company you work for provides benefits, use them! Visit a therapist on your health plan that can help find and eradicate the cause of your anxiety. You might think your anxiety symptoms aren’t enough of a cause of concern to visit a doctor, but if your plan allows, make an appointment.

Pay attention to the times when your anxiety flares up. Is it only at the office? The time of day and the environments you’re in can make a big difference in how you feel; note when these are to create a proper plan of action.

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