Ways To Overcome Anxiety and Fear

If you suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder, you probably feel fearful a lot of the time. Don’t let fear and anxiety rule your life! Controlling anxiety and letting go of the hindering feelings you have is possible. There are a few things you can do to stop fearfulness in its tracks and relieve your anxiety.

Control Your Imagination

Often times we become anxious merely thinking about a perceived stressful situation. Some people suffering from social anxiety feel the physical symptoms of anxiety by only the thought of attending a public event or outing. Get control of your imagination! Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and don’t let fearful beliefs creep back in. When you catch your imagination running away with you, say no. Staying busy and keeping yourself distracted is often key to avoiding letting our minds wander.

Use Your Thinking Brain

When we use the rational, thinking part of our brain we don’t allow for our emotions to take over. Change the part of your brain you’re using by grading your anxiety on a scale of 1-10. Thinking about numbers helps replace the fearful thoughts and will automatically reduce your anxiety. Take control, breathe, and think yourself to a lower number.

Be Grateful

By staying mindful and thinking about all the positive things you’re grateful for, you’ll help promote positive thinking which will lower your anxiety. Build your life to make you fulfilled; when you’re “living to the fullest” and feeling grateful for each moment, you won’t have time for thoughts of anxiety.

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