I want to live in the present but cant

Posted on: Wed, 08/07/2019 - 4:35pm
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Joined: 07/02/2019 - 15:02

I dont know whats wrong with me but I always keep thinking about the future...what can go wrong in the future...and it drives me crazy. I have these thoughts of losing my job, getting sick and what if all if that happens.

I want to live in the present, live in the moment and just enjoy one day at a time but I can't.

Posted on: Thu, 08/08/2019 - 3:05pm
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Joined: 08/08/2019 - 14:55

So many of us have a fear of the unknown and what is to come. It is natural to have these feelings but the key is to give your mind a rest and find activities where you literately get lost in it and think of nothing else. I like to watch a good movie or read a good book. I feel like I am in that moment and I am not thinking of anything else. I also feel like when I get good rest I am stronger and I am able to squash any unfortunate thoughts easier.

Posted on: Thu, 08/08/2019 - 3:35pm
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Joined: 08/08/2019 - 15:25

Spaceman, I can totally relate to you. I am such a worrier and tend to focus on all of the things that may happen and may go wrong, which precludes me from being present. Ever since my mom passed away, I have this fear of getting ill and dying quickly like she did. Any little ailment and I think that death is knocking on my door. I want to learn to live in the present. I have been meditating a lot more and that seems to be helping. And I also think that it will help my anxiety overall.

Posted on: Mon, 08/12/2019 - 3:47pm
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Joined: 07/02/2019 - 15:02

Thanks. I will try giving meditation a try. I hear it can do wonders but I just never found the time to get around to it.

Posted on: Mon, 08/12/2019 - 4:09pm
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Joined: 08/12/2019 - 12:02

my every day is all about the future and what can go wrong. i have big trip that i'm going on soon and all i can think about is everything that's going to go wrong so much so that i can't even enjoy the idea of it and get excited about it. it's so frustrating! i've heard so much about meditation but have never tried it bc i feel like my mind is always racing but i am going to try it.

Posted on: Tue, 08/13/2019 - 12:23pm
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Joined: 08/09/2019 - 09:13

yeah, it seems par for the course with anxiety. it's hard to let go and feel relaxed about most things. the worst is when i know that i have a social event, i will harp on it for weeks and will worry about having an anxiety attack while i am out. then low and behold i go out and everything works out just fine. i am trying to figure out how to shake that off. i want to be present and live in the moment and i especially don't want to constantly worry about something that most likely won't happen.

Posted on: Wed, 08/14/2019 - 10:00am
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Joined: 08/09/2019 - 15:38

hey spaceman, i've been going through the same thing. my anxiety has been so bad lately to the point where i think i'm about to have a panic attack. so now i live my life in a constant state of anxiousness and worry. also ever since i lost my dad my worry is way worse. now i think that anything bad can happen at any moment, i'm always thinking of the worst case scenario about things that might happen. i want to get past that. i used to be a happy carefree guy and now i live worried and stressed all of the time. i want to move past this and hopefully i will one day.

Posted on: Fri, 09/06/2019 - 1:58pm
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Joined: 07/02/2019 - 15:02

Thanks Digby. I know we can all get past this.

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